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Welcome to my caravan...
... an enchanted voyage through a land of cultural and global treasures for the nomadic soul.

"Gens du voyage" is a French phrase that literally means "people of the voyage". It is used as a euphemism in France for travelers, especially the Roma (a.k.a. Gypsies). Rom culture has always been one my greatest inspirations. Having origins and living amongst them in France and the Gitanos in Spain, I am in constant wonder of Romani lifestyle and art. Though not all Gypsies (or Roma) live nomadically, the ones that do, travel from place to place, living one day at a time. The Gyspy is free-spirited, untied to the social norms that surround them, but taking what's around them and adding their own twist to things.  In the same way, I have been compelled since my youth to not follow trends, but to create my own, inspired by my own travels and life experiences.

The Romani way of life symbolizes a heart set on pilgrimage, adventure, hope, freedom, and wonder. Though the life of the Rom is a difficult one and not one we ought to romanticize, we can admire the value placed on family and traditions, taking joy in the simple things in life. Nonetheless, Gypsy music and art is woven into everything they do reflecting their lifestyle. I too count myself a sojourner in this life and seek to value God, my family, and relationships more than the material, wealth, and what the world calls "success", yet admire and be grateful for the beauty, creativity, and artistry God has given people and desire my art and creativity to reflect those things I deem important in life.

This blog reflects my adventurous, nomadic spirit. Here you will find a collection of global musings, an injection of multi-cultural loveliness for the eyes as I take you on a voyage through the world. Just like the "people of the voyage", I'd like to welcome you to join my caravan of cultural inspirations and expeditions through global treasures! 

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