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Monday, February 11, 2013

PCH Adventures

We've been told that now is the time to take little adventures and be spontaneous since it may end after having our first little one. So why not take a little road trip? Not only this, but we've been overdue for a mini-vacation and it's difficult to do so when we're saving up for a baby. Last week we were in the San Diego area for a conference and decided to stay an extra day to debrief and unwind after a pretty hectic schedule. Since the beach cities were close enough, we thought taking Pacific Coast Highway and stopping wherever we felt like it would be spontaneous enough. It was quite a lovely little trip!

First we stopped at Solana Beach at one of my favorite little villages located on Cedros Avenue, home of the Cedros Design District.

This village is the perfect little quaint location to relax, shop, and just breath in the beach air. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather, especially after the rainy day we had the previous day! I prayed for sun and so my prayers were answered!

We began with breakfast, of course! Nothing like crepes from Orange Blossom Cafe! It's the cutest little place tucked in the back of a driveway serving crepes, both savory and sweet, and delish coffee. Unfortunately, I can't have any:( 

...on Cedros Ave.
As mentioned, Cedros Avenue is where you'll find the Design District which offers all sorts of items created by designers and artists. These merchants have set up shop in these various spaces selling anything from stationary to home decor.

One of my favorite shops there is Leaping Lotus. It's like a two-story funky swap-meet with global goodies, handmade stuff, and just adorable trinkets! Totally my cup of tea!

Upstairs you can find tons of deals! I think it's the perfect place to get global, unique favors for parties or knick-knacks from Guatemala, Asia, India, etc...and lovely handmade stationary.  I really had to restrain myself! I did however had to buy some few things for my little baby's room, like handmade pillowcases, fabric-covered frames, and other goodies I'll share with you once the room is done!

...And then there's my other favorite shop, SoLo. 


Located in a warehouse, you'll find all sorts of books, stationary, home decor, baby stuff galore, and the list goes on.

The France book section!
After shopping, we continued our drive up the coast, passing Cardiff By The Sea, stopping at Encinitas, admiring Carlsbad, and all the other cute beach cities on the way back home. Our last stop before deciding it was time to head back home was Laguna Beach. There, we stopped for some good gelato and sat by the beach enjoying the sun and our sweet treats!

Well, that's all folks! If you are in need of a little getaway, I highly recommend driving up the coast on a sunny day. Stop at every village you may find interesting, eat good food, shop a little, and take lots of photos! Take it slow and enjoy each moment, whether alone, with a buddy, or with your loved one! Have fun!

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