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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

my Ikea lack tables become one.

Everyone is doing it. Why shouldn't I? I've seen Ikea Lack table makeovers floating around various blogs and since I was getting tired of my two little tables and like the challenge of creating something new from old stuff, why not try it. It's not like I would be spending hundreds. As a matter of fact, the Lack tables are 7 a piece and mine were on sale for $5. So if $10 goes to waste and I'm not happy with the results, no biggie!

The idea was to create a table similar to the Parsons cube table from West Elm, which I am sure is NOT anywhere near the amount I am spending. On top of that, I wanted a Moroccan touch to my table to match my global deco style.

I basically combined various ideas I saw here and there. Since I was going for the Moroccan look and didn't feel like spending lots on fancy wallpaper, I took a Moroccan motif and created my own stencil on some hard cardboard.

Then I stenciled it over and over again with a nice, black marker. I guess you can try a sharpie, even a lacquer one. If you have the patience, you can create a sweet design and get real fancy!
I stenciled both bottom and top part. In other blogs, they maintained the color side up. I just kept the back part (bottom picture) facing up. I like the contrast of color.

I then added some of those upholstery nails on the sides of the table. I added about 22 nails. You can put them close together. I just did it this way because I was running out of nails and was too lazy to run to get more ;)

Because these tables scratch easily and I don't know if the marker design will quickly fade or smear, I sprayed some glossy clear acrylic sealer to seal in design and to prevent easy scratches. I also like the glossy look. I let it dry for about an hour.

While your table top is drying, you can begin adding upholstery nails to the legs of the tables. You'll be leftover with four other legs. I kept them for an emergency or for some other project in the future. (I know they will come in handy and I'll kick myself for throwing them away someday.) 

On the legs, I added the nails to two corners, like this:

Voila...four legs done!

After the table is dried, you can add the legs. Basically, I screwed in the legs to the table top and glued the bottom of the legs to the other table top with liquid nails. It's super easy and cheap. Place some heavy books on top of the table and let it dry for 24 hours. BAM! You got yourself a fancy, Moroccan design coffee table for less than 25 bucks!

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  1. THIS IS VERY NICE!!!!! Thank you. I'm lacking the Ikea store nearby, howoever, this post is bookmarked for future references, and/or gifts ;)


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