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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Taking a break...

Hey dear friends!
I honestly don't know how mommies get to have a blog and take are of their little ones. I can't. And so for now, I've decided to only post on Instagram and share my projects, photos ma vie nomade, inspiration, and so forth there. So if you are still interested in checking out some global, nomadic inspiration, see what's up with moi, etc., follow me there. You can also go to my Pinterest account for delish inspiration as well. And hopefully at some point, I'll get back to blogging and stuff! For now, it's not goodbye, but a bientôt! (See you later!)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Handira-inspired (Moroccan Wedding blanket) Wall Hanging

So a few weeks ago I shared my desire to create my own Moroccan Wedding blanket (Handira) for my bedroom wall. (To check out my post with the inspiration, click here ) After working on it here and there during "free" times, I finally finished my first attempt, which is quite ironic because I am majorly sleep deprived due to my lil' baby's HORRIBLE cold! My sweet husband is sitting out in our yard with her on his shoulder and as she sleeps, I can finally share with you all what I've done!

Before I share the final product, I wanted to let you all know that there are many ways you can perhaps create one. I did find a couple DIYs out on Pinterest, but as I took a stroll down Joann's one day, I came across some cool stuff that I thought would make a nice one. It all depends on how much work you are willing to spend (and money!)

stuff I bought

I first bought an inexpensive bathroom mat at Ross that I wouldn't feel bad if I ended up destroying. Later I got some sequins elastic, some shiny ribbon, and sequins just to have a variety of choices. I decided that the easiest and nicest looking was the elastic. I also bought some really nice Moroccan-looking fabric ribbon (or whatever the proper name is ).

I found a couple yarns that would give that shaggy look to the piece, but the one above is my favorite. I hot-glued everything because after all, I'm not planning to wash this's for the wall. I did sew my first attempt, which I might show you all later, but for now, I'm not too excited about it! If you are ambitious, start sewing.

Here it is on my wall! As you can see, I also added tassels at the end by sewing them onto the rug. Here's a closer look at my work...

You can either sew/glue the ribbon and sequins first and add the yarn on top, but I liked the effect of doing it the other way around, just to cover my imperfections!

About half hour later, I was done! Okay, so it's not exactly like a handira, but hey...for a few hundred dollars LESS, it works for me and I'm happy with my creation! Whatcha think?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ethiopian Crosses

I've had a thing for Ethiopian crosses for a while. They are just beautiful.  I started a collection a while back and never knew what to do with them. I wore them as jewelry (when I was bolder to wear huge adornment and able without a baby pulling on it), but they've been sitting in a pretty little wooden bowl... until now. I've seen great inspiration on Pinterest (gosh, don't you love it?) and now I have yet another project! Check these ideas out! (Sorry, some of the photos are via under Ethiopian Crosses)


via zohi interiors

via Pinterest
 These are my fave! Hooks!!!
via Pinterest
via Pinterest

The crosses below aren't Ethiopian, but if I had enough, I might just have a wall covered in them or maybe in a shadowbox??? Hmmmm?


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Big One! (1st Birthday)

This past weekend was full of activities and a little bit of a headache! I had planned NOT to have a huge birthday party for my little one year old (!!!) in order to NOT get stressed and so I invited family only. Well, turns out that all the grand planning I did really didn't come to fruition. I had planned to do a birthday theme of hot air balloons since I thought having less people would equal spare time. Well, I ended up making 2, maybe 3, and one for the birthday cake. So all the lanterns I purchased are still in my living room. YEP.

Ok, I'm not complaining. I'm just sharing the story to encourage all mothers who are NOT going to have a huge shindig to not feel guilty for not having one. And for all those mommies in need of tips or ideas...if you have help, great. If not, lay low!

All that said, I was happy with the outcome and the decoration was nice. I recommend a couple banners since they create a festive ambiance. Maybe some balloons.

I did have help and still, there were some stressful moments. My sis-in-law made the cupcakes and cake, my mom and cousin helped with the decoration. My husband and his brother also helped with the "manly" stuff and so that was good and all. So get help!


Oh, and the lovely was well put to use! The kids loved it! I didn't even miss not hiring a clown or something! I recommend having an outdoor party. You save yourself time cleaning up rug stains and the like! And even adults dig it!

LAST TIP: get it catered if you can (or buy stuff that's already done) and save yourself a lot of headaches and the drama!

proud parents!

me and my big girl!
Now, next week I'm having another lil' celebration, but this time for friends since they are part of the fam as well! We'll see how that goes. All this to say, it's worth a little sweat and tears!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mi Patio Es Tu Patio: Global-Style Patio Reveal!

As I've been sharing, I've been on a mission to redo our boring backyard. It all began at our old, tiny apartment where we had a tiny little patio, but we never got to it because we moved. You can read my post on the grand plans here. I've had this vision in my head of tapas, sangria, evenings decorated with pretty lighting, and chill-out music! My husband and I love providing a peaceful haven for guests and hosting soirees in our home, especially outdoors! We feel blessed to even have this space to share, so turning our backyard into a fun, social area, full of corners for lounging around this summer with friends has been my goal!  Ever since we moved, we hardly touched it because for one, I was pregnant and then had a tiny little baby on my hands. Now she's ONE and I can do a little more!

First I begin with my global-style retreat! Let me show you what's been accomplished so far...

I am very content with my little bohemian retreat! I had a lot of the decoration hanging around, but did get lots of this at my favorite store, Cost Plus World Market! They were having a sale and bought the rug and some cushions for a pretty good price, and the patio set was only $199.99! The umbrella I got at Target, also on sale for also $199.99, and spent a little over $100 at Home Depot on the greenery and pottery! Total, I spent under $550 for the entire patio furniture and decorations! Not bad, ey? Just a few gigs in order to pay for this!

Gotta say, I've been blessed with a lot of gifts and stuff people no longer want. I always collect stuff (yes, call me a pack rat) but it comes in handy later! You see?

My mom gave me the table and bought me the Indian lanterns which she purchased at Homegoods. I also added some thrift store finds I had from a few weeks back, like the Mexican-inspired mirror I bought for about $10 bucks! It is SO great! One of my good friends gave me the Thai elephant pillows a few years ago for my old apartment and I received some pretty colorful table cloths from El Salvador handmade by Indigenous people.

This photo isn't the best, but I did add an Indian scarf to cover the bench which gave it that look I was after.

There you go! Our own little retreat for summer!

What's next? The Mediterranean corner coming soon!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Backyard Makeover!

We are getting for summer. In about 2 weeks, summer will be officially here, even though it's already unbearable at times! I've been on a mission to transform our backyard for a while, but financially, it was not feasible. Until now, after a few hundred ideas on my backyard pinterest board, I'm starting the process! I'm so excited, especially loving the challenge of keeping it on a budget!

Let me start by sharing the before and after photo of one of the corners of our backyard, where I'm starting the process...

This was our yard before! Not much grass...pretty ugly!

This is the corner I'll be working on, so stay tuned...

Friday, June 6, 2014

Handira love

Anything Moroccan pretty much rocks my world. But the handiras, the wedding blankets...ahhhh! Love them! What I don't love are the prices. Yes, I'm a dork for not bringing some from Morocco. I'm sure the prices are not as ridiculous! Outside of Morocco it seems you get charged for the actual plane ticket to get there. Ok, I get it, it takes money to bring back stuff sometimes, or to ship stuff, but not that much more. So, having said that, I am on a mission to create a handira-inspired cushion, maybe a blanket to place behind our bed, who knows?. Let's see how close I get to one but I'm not about to sit there and sew each sequins, one by one. We'll see. Will I actually do it? I better because I already went to the fabric store and all over town to get stuff. But the question is when I will get these things done. Anyway, doesn't hurt to at least share the inspiration, which I mostly found on Pinterest.(Check my Pinterest board Bedroom Inspiration for more or to get direct links.)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What to do with Outgrown Diaper Changing Table

So my lil' Y has outgrown her diaper changing table. I saw lots of ideas on Pinterest, but it was too complicated for a busy mom like me. So what did I do? I just used it to hold her toiletries, diapers, creams, etc. I know...not that creative, but it sure works and I'm sure someone will like the idea. Here's to those moms with no time and a diaper changing table taking up space!

Saturday was clean-up day in her bedroom. I collected all the outgrown baby clothes and saved it in a bag for the future??? I also put away toys she no longer plays with. Since I got rid of the crib and instead placed it in our room for now, there's way more space for her curious lil' self to play in, perhaps walk in pretty soon. That was one reason why I moved stuff around. Too many hazards! And since it serves as a guest bedroom, it's much better for our guests!

Her cleaned out closet! Ahhhh! Love organization and space!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Alright...Camel Done!

I've discovered my wee one has the same taste I do...a thing for internationally-colorful toys! A few weeks ago, we passed by an elephant at Home Goods and she went crazy! She was making roaring sounds (since that's the only animal sound she can make right now) and so I bought the creature. No, I didn't give in to her was mine! Ha! Then a week later I found a camel at Ross and my hubby got it for me or her., or both!!! And when I got home, she was equally as elated...

And so that's what's inspired my DIY camel.
Ladies and gentlemen, introducing our new camel! Ta-da!

Ok, nothing too fancy! I know. But I'm tired and we're satisfied with the result!

I finished a while ago, just took some time to post! Made with an extra baby blanket I had in her room, some cheap ribbon I found at Joann's, a woven Guatemalan place mat, added pom poms,, an Indian necklace I never use, puffy paint eyes, and voila! She can't play with it quite yet because it goes straight into her mouth, but it sure looks good in her room!

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